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Aetna Mountain

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Overview: 4x4

Rating: 0-10
Location: Chattanooga, TN
Nearby Trails: Prentice Cooper State Forest

Trail Description:

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Getting There:

Take I-75 North across the GA/TN state line and proceed to the I-75/I-24 split.  Take I-24 West towards Nashville.  Once you wind around the river on your right, you will get off at Browns Ferry Rd. Turn left and travel past the McDonalds and gas station on your left.  You will go about a mile and come to a traffic light.  At the light, you will stay straight, which will put you onto Wauhatchie Pike.  You will go about a mile and turn right onto Cummings Rd.  Follow Cummings Rd. about 3/10 mile past the I-24 bridge and you will turn left into (what looks like) a neighborhood with no houses.  You will follow that drive up and around a small "round about" and come to the top of the hill and turn left onto the gravel road.  About 500 yds up is where most people unload and it is obvious when you get there.


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